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You've been doing fairly well in your life so far, haven't you? But, there is something nagging at you. Perhaps dreams that you've given up on chasing,  a relationship that isn't quite what it was or a relationship you've yet to find, maybe you need to change your spending habits because you owe too much or want to take that amazing trip you've been talking about for years, or maybe you're just living a level 5 life (nothing is amazing, but nothing is terrible either). Any way you look at it, I promise you there is more to be had. There's nothing wrong with saying to yourself, I need some guidance. I need someone to give me a little kick in the back side or hold my hand as I take this next step. That's where I come in as your life coach, helping you make the decisions you need to in order to live the life that's waiting for you.

I was in the same place, so I get it. How many more days? weeks? years? will you let pass before you say, "It's Time!" For me, I hit that moment, and I haven't looked back since. I've strengthened my relationships, strengthened my Leadership skills, reorganized my spending habits,  and achieved many of the dreams I have had that have been haunting me for 20 years, including writing the novel, The Gifted Storyteller, which has received critical acclaim, achieved bestselling status hitting #1 on Amazon, and already helped thousands of people understand how "storytelling" has brought about much of their pain, and have learned how to use the same concept to achieve their goals.

What do I do and how can I help? It's pretty simple in that you already know what to do. You set a goal, you make strategic decisions, you do weekly check-ins, and you make it happen. Logically, there's no problem, but if that were all that was needed, everyone would be exactly where they want to be, right?

The truth is there is more to it, and together we can make whatever you are searching for, become your reality.

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