So here’s the truth of it all- and while so very simple, it’s so incredibly hard to wrap your head around- Life doesn’t happen to you, Life happens from you. All of your reality (yes, I said “your reality”), the world you live in, stems from the way you sense the world- meaning your 5 senses, and the meaning you make of what you experience. Think about it- who else but you is interpreting your world and making judgments and decisions? Grant it you may be letting other people make decisions for you, but ultimately it is solely you.

Events occur, and we make a determination or judgement based on our beliefs, and the beliefs we use to operate in our world (ex: “I can handle anything that comes my way!” vs “I don’t know what to do”). As Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow so poignantly said, “The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.” That is why when “bad things” happen, there are some people crying, and some people celebrating. That’s not to say that the majority of the world may not have the same perspective and agree on things being terrible, or bad, but it is still your view point and decision as to how you feel, and to what degree you allow that feeling to consume you (or not). That decision will determine how you feel, and as a result, your next step.

So, here is what you need to do:

  1. Step the “F” up! -Take responsibility and acknowledge that you are the one who is responsible for your situation; more specifically, how you react to the situation- always.
  2. As in The Gifted Storyteller, use the vase analogy to ask yourself, What else could this mean? What am I not seeing yet? What’s good about this? What is a possible opportunity “here” for me?
  3. What action can I now take, that may not be my usual pattern, but that would bring me some happiness or help others? (another way to do this is think of a role model and imagine what he/she would do in this situation).
  4. As stated in Cinderella, “Be Courageous, Be Brave”- take a chance, do something different and see what happens. Listen to a podcast on getting started.

Take action to create the life you want. Ultimately it is in your hands. You can start today, with even the smallest of decisions, or you can find yourself 20 years from now stating “I wish I had…”

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