We’ve already discussed how the natural chemicals released from your body can change your feelings, and thus the way you perceive the world. Those chemicals are flowing in you all the time- however, how they are interpreted can make all the difference, and that interpretation, can increase the amount of chemicals that flow within you (think about getting nervous before speaking to an audience and how that might effect how you feel). It’s a cycle where thoughts affect chemical release and chemical release effects thought.

Have you ever gotten into an argument and were completely amazed that your friend/partner/family member does not see things the way you do? And you repeatedly try to explain yourself and they just don’t hear you? That’s because we each interpret events differently.

This is where your Gifted Storyteller comes into the picture. What does it mean when your heart starts racing? Palms get a little sweaty? Breathing gets more shallow and rapid? At this moment some of you are thinking – sounds like being nervous, others of you are thinking, sounds like something exciting is about to happen. That my friends, is your Gifted Storyteller talking 🙂 because physically, it’s the same thing- it’s the story you tell yourself that creates the label (nervous or excited).

How you “see “something is veiled by:

1) Past experiences. For example: perhaps you have had bad experience in relationships and therefore when your significant other gets a call from an unknown number you immediately think he/she can’t be trusted.
2) Wishes and desires. For example: you had a crush on someone and the mere fact they said hello made your day.
3) Associations you’ve made (which is also past experience). For example: you don’t like wearing the color red because someone close to you once said, “that’s not your color.”
4) The words you use to interpret an event. For example: ever tell a friend a story about a bad moment and they say “that’s terrible!” Just the use of the word “terrible” creates certain feelings- as opposed to using the word phrasing “that stinks”, “that must’ve not been fun”. Think about it, the word “terrible” refers to terror- is your momentary set back or problem the same as an act of terror?
…and the list goes on.

So what can you do about it? How do you stop the chaos of your mind and direct your Gifted Storyteller to tell a better story?

Remember Storytellers; The Power is in the Story You Tell.

To be continued in Part 3….

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    • Gina

      The framing that life happens from you is so fundamental to going about one’s day intentionally- actively steering your life instead of passively experiencing it.

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